Thomas, DEZEL & Mic Murdock - "Deep Sea Diving"

from by BAYCAT

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Verse #1
The outcome the election is insignificant
The real leaders and their businesses
Will shell out dollars and indulgences
Call me unimpressed
But this system is as old as the nation is
Why'd we move west
Dolla incentive
Gold silver all the rest that i can't mention
If precious metal aint your game
You can move your gaze to the islands that we claimed
Every decision ever made
In public, they still hiding in the shade
Here's why this election is confusing to ya
Motives shadowy reasons ain't blue to ya

Verse #2
I'm gold as the gate,
to heaven where my brother is heading.
In the city where u get dropped for a dollar and fifty
,raise you hand in the air if u feel me.
I feel like a caged bird and the gate is rusted,
my hate ain't nothin.
Shout out to the FAM in Lakeview who knew I was something.
But the peer line is where the pure line stops.
And the 39 lies start.
Bart is the only way out but everywhere else they got they speech loud.
And I got cavities so the sound might break a tooth ow.
The world is on the prowl.
For a dumb city kid who doesn't know how except for now he has a pow

Verse #3
Lord have mercy on my body.
Illuminate probably goteem.
You can never stop me from speaking my mind
If I was I blind I could still rhyme.
Weather its hill or don't we all got conned.
Both are blond and have no bond with the race of race.
They want the space and think they're the ace.
But they just late to the game.
If the country catches flame, we're to blame?
It's just a shame how we will be critically acclaimed for how low we became
Dreams hit u like a shotgun.
But they still ask what's he on


from BAYCAT Youth Present 3rd @ Twilight, released August 4, 2016



all rights reserved


BAYCAT San Francisco, California

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