Thomas, Zevonte, & Mic Murdock - "Haven’t Done"

from by BAYCAT

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Verse 1:
Off the flow
Take shots aimed at your optical
I've got to go
I've got to know
What it's like
to make it in life
They're taking your life
So I have to survive
Man I know that I'll make it so heavily debated
Everybody hating
Every saying--
I'm delaying
Actually that's andele-ing
Never complacent boy I am the greatest
Of all of these rappers I'll ever be facing
I'm waiting and training
For all this hysteria
Black on black crime yo I'm from the bay area
Add white to the picture and it starts to turn to gray areas
The day that I carry ya
That's that 365
Boulders on my shoulders every day that I am alive
Swear I'll raise the bar higher forever
We'll never see eye to eye
Ever under the same sun
Run from my shadow as if I'm racing
I'm contemplating the things that I haven't done

Verse 2:
A place with no faith to different colors and races
left my mind evicted
without a trailer fear on their faces
everything is different for me
friends to no friends
its obsolete
mom on trying to fit in back there different from me
but I'm trying moving fast
different places different raps
different colors different laughs
ooh I trip now I'm sad
but I'm finding finding finding a way to make a change
different name different man its never the same
i just hope for myself
and everyone else
that we can stop with the no's and scream yes we can
Obama gave us power
and I'm giving the strength
love can change an enemy into a friend
learn that from Martin Luther

Verse 3:
Voice higher pitched than Dock Ellis is
Relative killing with my lack of skill and melody
I'm a half pint, half jew, half right sometimes
Oakland is my birthright
Third night gunfight
Unfazed by urban blight
It's quite alright
3 AM bay bridge, dazing
Flagrant disregard for the rules that are placed in
From designer crepes to raisins in the sun


from BAYCAT Youth Present 3rd @ Twilight, released August 4, 2016



all rights reserved


BAYCAT San Francisco, California

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